Your Customers’

DashedUp® issues hot alerts based on your multiple data sources. This enables you to identify any potential problem areas and immediately take action.

DashedUp®’s hot alerts trigger when defined threshold is close or met based on your own criteria.

DashedUp® is a dynamic realtime customer relational tool enabling you to build great working relationships with your customers and deal with issues before they become problems.

what DashedUp® can do

Set your performance thresholds.

Receive hot alerts that you can action quickly via SMS or email.

Track what’s important to you and take care of your clients as soon as an issue is flagged by DashedUp®

Dashedup® is so easy to use you forget you’re using a dashboard and begin to find those eureka insights.

Your dashboard is completely customisable. Your data can be presented in many different ways – you choose the charts that create unique visual overviews of your data. You create infographics that best resonate with your clients, your stakeholders and your staff.