your data visualised

Welcome to DashedUp® – a visually engaging data-analysis tool that presents your business data in clear and interactive infographics.

DashedUp® customized dashboards offer powerful ways to visually communicate and act upon your customer data.

Why limit yourself to Powerpoint reports when DashedUp® can help you reveal your big data picture with visually engaging infographics and powerful drilldown data reports.

DashedUp® allows you to pull together your reports using many data sources e.g. social media, sales, market research so that you have a more complete picture of your data. Moksie can help you customize your dashboards so that you produce exactly the information you need for the people who need it.

what DashedUp® Can do

DashedUp® is fast! Powerful enough to pull data from multiple sources and live feeds and updates really quickly.

Have critical information at your fingertips 24/7 without the need to create reports.

Reduce costs and increase efficiencies by avoiding duplicate processes.

Present accurate, timely, meaningful reports and solidify your company’s relationship with your clients.

Visually see your data come to life enabling you to make smart, strategic, analytical decisions.

Effortlessly bring all your data sources together creating meaningful and engaging reports when you do need to.

Seamlessly present on any device with crisp clear and visually engaging graphics.

Assign user levels. Control who sees what information and how.